หน้าหลัก Alexa: The Ties that Bind

Alexa: The Ties that Bind

Teacher doesn’t always know best.
Dr. Alexandria Black fell into bed with Chief Surgeon, Dr. Daniel Greyson. Their affair is as illicit as it is steamy.
She doesn’t care if their forbidden workplace romance is a ticking time bomb, or that it has the potential to destroy both their careers.
She’s ready to take their sexy-school-girl bedtime game to the next level with cuffs, collars, and chains.

Oh my!
He doesn’t think this is the right time.
Her chance to convince him otherwise presents itself in the form of Auction Night, the annual charity event at The Ties that Bind.
It’s the perfect place to test their limits. She’ll give up one night, one week, one month, or one year of her life for the right price.
Daniel decides how deep they’ll explore their fantasies.
The Auction decides for how long.
Alexa is ready for more.
But will Daniel bid on a chance to see if his intern is ready to surrender control? Can she be the submissive he needs?

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The Ties that Bind: Auction Night

Ellie Masters

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This book is dedicated to my one and only—my amazing and wonderful husband.

Without your care and support, my writing would not have made it this far. You make me whole every day. I love you “that much.” For the rest of you, that means from the beginning to the end and every point in between. Thank you, my dearest love, my heart and soul, for putting up with me, for believing in me, and for loving me.

My husband deserves a special gold star for listening to me obsess over this book and for never once complaining while I brought these characters from my mind to the page.

You pushed me when I needed to be pushed. You supported me when I felt discouraged. You believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. If it weren’t for you, this book never would have come to life.

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Final Thoughts


Part 1


Chapter 1

“Doctor Black…”

I spin at the sound of my name.

It still sounds surreal…Doctor Alexandria Black.

This is what all those years of working my ass off have come to. I’m literally living my dream.

I’m a doctor, scared shitless, and terrified nearly as often as I’m thrilled to be where I am today. Every day I get up and I want to pinch myself. I still feel like a kid.

It’s not as glamorous as it sounds though.

I’m low man (woman) on the totem pole.

Who am I kidding?

I’m a surgical intern, pond scum, who’s a few months into five years of residency. I do all the scut work and shit jobs with a perpetual smile on my face.


I wander over to the nurse's station and put my phone in the pocket of my lab coat.

Sally is one of the nice nurses. She lifts the receiver of the phone toward me. “It’s Doctor Greyson.” She says his name with reverence, full of awe and something else, something wanton.

I get it.

Doctor Greyson is a legend at this hospital. Chief of Surgery, a cardiothoracic surgeon, he happens to be the attending for the general surgery service this week.

He’s insanely hot. Tall, built and cut out of a men’s modeling magazine. He paid for medical school with his looks.

I’m up to my eyes in debt. He made it through showing off his assets in underwear ads and is debt free. I’m still trying to dig up those pictures, even if I’ve been forbidden from doing so. I think there’s more to that story.

He’s the hot doctor every woman dreams about and wants to land in her bed.

I may have something to say about that considering we’re fucking each other’s brains out.

Every. Damn. Night.

When he’s not operating, he spends most of his time in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. It makes sleeping with each other a little easier when we’re not constantly crossing paths at the hospital. Except for this week. This week, he's my attending and I see him all the damn time.

I have to wait another year before I’m allowed to take care of patients in the CICU. Right now, I’m doing scut work, gathering patient data for rounds and basically running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

It may not look like it, but I’m generally well put together. This job is not just intense. It’s insane.

And I’m fucking the infamous Dr. Greyson; a hot as sin, kinky as fuck, sex god.

All the nurses, and the few female physicians, need drool rags when Daniel’s around. That’s sexist of me. Not all nurses are female. I’ve seen some of the male nurses turn their heads. The male residents are too terrified to do anything but pray they don’t shit their pants in front of the world-renowned Dr. Greyson.

The shithead knows it too, and while he doesn’t flirt with any of the women at work, his smile is a devastating force of nature. The man is a natural lady killer.

He’s also uncompromising and demanding of the physicians training under him. There’s a reason we all stand a little taller and pucker our assholes when he walks on the unit. He's terrifying.

And I'm not immune to that fear.

My hand shakes a little as I reach for the phone. Sally thinks I’m nervous because it’s Dr. Greyson, Chief of Staff, but I’m actually thinking about how he shoved his dick down my throat at three in the morning after punishing me for hitting the snooze button.

To him, that’s sacrilege. He doesn’t believe in slacking off like that. The alarm goes off. You get up. Your ass is out of bed. Since I didn’t get my ass out of bed, he spent time on that ass with his hand, reminding me who it belongs to and whose rules I agreed to follow.


They aren’t my rules.

I squirm a little and rub where it’s still achingly sore.

After the spanking, he had me on my knees for the dick swallowing event. Spoiler alert, I still have tonsils. He found them immediately, and knocked them around until he shot his load down my throat.

The shaking of my hand has nothing to do with fear over the fact the Chief of Surgery is calling for me, Dr. Black, the lowly intern. That’s what Sally thinks, and I’m going to let her continue to think that rather than what’s really going on in my head.

We’re not going to talk about the profound aching between my legs. I can still feel him there and a slight flush creeps into my cheeks. The heat is radiating off my face and I pray Sally misinterprets the flushing for the fear she thinks I should be feeling as I speak with Daniel.

He’s as uncompromising in bed as he is at work. I like that.

There’s a reason we, the residents, fear him. We’re all quaking in our boots.

My T’s have been crossed. My I’s dotted. I’m ready for whatever cross-examination he throws at me during rounds.

There’s no way in hell I’m going to give him reason to be disappointed in my work. I’ll have to face the embarrassment here, in front of my fellow interns and residents, then face his disappointment later tonight when we’re alone.

Let’s just say there are a hundred reasons for my hands to shake.

I pull the receiver to my ear. “Yes, Sir?”

Those two words send a flash of heat through my body. I get to call him Sir at work, because he’s practically godlike here. I can get away with it without anyone raising an eyebrow.

In his house? Subject to his uncompromising rules? Beneath his strict oversight? That word brings a rush of heat between my legs every damn time.

“Doctor Black…” His rich, cultured voice rolls through the earpiece, sending shivers of electricity up my arm. “How would you like to scrub in on a case today?”

How would I like to scrub in?

Sign me the fuck up.

There are precious few opportunities for an intern to scrub in on a surgical case. That privilege is reserved for after our second year of residency. Not that it doesn’t happen in the first year as an intern. It’s just exceedingly rare.

Interns are scut monkeys.

Daniel is probably one of the few attending surgeons who makes a point of inviting interns into his operating room.

Honestly, it’s not like we do much. I’ll be lucky to touch the patient and will probably spend a few hours scrubbed in with my hands clasped tight to my chest while I try to touch nothing and not accidentally break the sterile field.

I will not fuck this up.

But maybe I’ll get lucky. Maybe I’ll get to hold a retractor or throw a stitch. An intern can dream.

I’m not hoping for much. It takes a lot of patience to get to where I am. I’m well versed in delayed gratification.

Well, almost. I’m fortunate Daniel doesn’t use delayed gratification when it comes to orgasms. He hands those out to me like they’re fucking candy. And I love that about him.

He may be strict and demanding, but he’s a generous lover.

He also has a wicked hand. The bruises on my ass have bruises after this morning’s punishment. But that’s why we’re a perfect match. He loves dishing it out and I love suffering for his pleasure.

If Sally only knew I spent most of last evening tied to Daniel’s bed, my throat raw from screaming as he paddled my ass then fucked me senseless, she would flip the fuck out.

I think my body actually levitated at one point.

At this point, the question might arise as to whether I’m receiving special favors because I’m fucking the boss, but he asks an intern every time he goes to the operating room to scrub in with him.

Yesterday, it was Jack. The day before, Paul got to go. There are six of us on service and today is my lucky day. I jump on it while Sally silently asks me What’s he saying?

All the nurses are infatuated with Daniel. I have to remember to think of him as Dr. Greyson while at work. I silently chastise myself for that.

We can’t afford any slip ups.

“Yes, Sir, t-t-that would be amazing. T-t-thank you.” I’m not above stammering like an idiot. It’s a freaking honor to scrub in with the amazing Dr. Greyson. It’s also pretty damn incredible sleeping in his bed along with all the other kinky shit we do.

If Sally only knew the things Dr. Greyson was into…I let that thought trail off and cover the mouthpiece. I whisper to Sally. “O.R.” Then I point to my chest and allow a genuine smile to fill my face.

I’m going to be on cloud nine for the rest of the day.

Cloud nine lasts until rounds begin. That's when I discover the seventh level of hell.

We do rounds before scheduled surgeries. It’s the first time I’ll get to scrub into a case with Daniel, and he rakes me over the coals when I present my first patient.

We’re standing in a gaggle of interns, residents, nurses, and pharmacists while he grills me. An error in judgment can prove fatal.

“What’s your differential?” His commanding tone sends a shiver down my spine.

It’s not a good shiver, but rather a whole-body shudder as I wrack my brain about the possible conditions which can cause Mr. Park’s post op fevers.

There’s something about W’s. My eyes squeeze shut as I fumble for the answer.

“Wind. Water. Walking. Wound and Wonder drugs?” Those refer to the most common causes of post-operative fever. I’m missing something, but that seems to satisfy him.

“Correct. Expound.”

Shit. He’s not letting me get away with an easy answer.

I launch into the timeframe where each of those are a concern after surgery, stumbling over myself. Fortunately, Jack opens his trap, getting the timing of Water wrong.

It refers to patients getting urinary tract infections and he steps in a pile of shit in his eagerness to show off and show me up.

Daniel lets Jack dig his grave, then pounces. I stand there taking a breather and glance at the notes I made about appropriate antibiotics to consider while Daniel rips Jack a new one.

The other interns around me are silent. They’re both happy to have Jack handed his ass and struck speechless by the calm, even tones Daniel uses to tear someone apart.

It’s one of the reasons he’s such a good Dom.

I’ve never seen Daniel lose control.

Well, strike that. I have seen what happens when he allows himself to release his restraint and let go. I’m on the receiving end of that nearly every night.

But that’s sex.

This is not.

We’re learning how to save lives and Daniel is the best teacher I’ve ever had.

He spends the next ten minutes tearing Jack apart, then the following five minutes building Jack’s self-esteem back up. I love how he does that.

We’re ripped apart until we feel like the lowest of the low, like we’re going to kill the next patient we touch, then he takes all the broken pieces and puts them back together again.

Our job is intense and he doesn’t want any of us to forget the trust put into our hands.

I can’t help it. I’m star-struck.

And I’m so glad Jack put his foot in it. I didn’t know the times when each of the W’s happened. Now, I’ll never forget.

We finish rounds three hours later and Daniel places his hand on the back of my arm. The touch is electric and my body's response is instantaneous.

“You excited to scrub in?” He’s a tall man and he leans down to speak to me. He doesn’t have to and he doesn’t do that with anyone but me.

His fingers tighten on my arm. This is the most intimate we’ll be at work. It’s the most touching he’ll allow, but he stoops down and speaks into my ear with a voice full of gravel and sex appeal.

“I’m looking forward to having you under my control.” In his operating room, he’s king.

And my legs are officially jelly.

I swallow thickly. “Thank you for the opportunity. It’s an honor.”

“You handled yourself well during rounds, Alexa.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

His grip tightens. He can’t touch me without getting hard. Our connection is that strong.

“I would suggest you study your management of post op fevers. I’d hate what happened to Jack happen to you. Not all attendings are as forgiving as me.”

He’s the worst of them all.

But a shiver worms its way down my spine. My nerves riot and the fine hairs of my arms stand on end.

He lowers his voice to a whisper. “I think it’s something we'll address tonight, baby girl.”

Baby girl.

Be still my beating heart but I'm toast when he uses his nickname for me.

He’s my boss at work and an uncompromising taskmaster at night. I’ll be grilled about post op fevers tonight, and if I fail to get it perfect, my ass will pay.

At home, he’s my professor and I’m his naughty school girl.

I can’t wait for the lessons to begin.

Chapter 2

The operating room is chilly but I don’t care. This is where I want to be. I should be standing near the foot of the bed, across from the surgical tech. It’s the farthest place from the action and the perfect place to put a useless intern.

Instead, Daniel places me beside him, at our patient’s shoulder. Because I’m shorter than Daniel and his surgical fellow, Mark, I perch on a step stool and peer over our patient’s open chest to watch his lungs inflate and his heart beat.

I’m literally looking inside this man’s chest.

Daniel is intense. Laser focused. Everyone is on point.

I’m superfluous, and other than watching surgical magic, I’m not touching anything. Hands clasped to my chest, I make sure I don’t break the sterile field, I’m almost afraid to breathe.

We’re at the scariest part. In a moment, Daniel is going to stop the man’s heart, put him on bypass and fix a leaky heart valve.

He stands beside me and shifts his hip to the left. Touching me. The contact is intentional and discreet. He wants me to feel him and I do.

I feel every inch of him and I’m nearly intoxicated being in such close proximity. It’s like we’re playing a little game, stealing this touch, and nobody in the room knows it.

Whenever possible, he finds some way to touch me. It can be with his elbow, a passing brush against my boob. Or, like now, when he shifts ever so slightly until our hips touch.

Each touch is a tantalizing tease. Not that anyone sees. Not that anyone knows.

But I do.

My body is hyper-responsive to all things Daniel.

“Get ready.” He announces to the room. “Going on bypass.”

I’m tense.

The fellow is tense.

Everyone in the room pauses to take in a breath.

You wouldn’t know we just stopped a man’s heart with the effortless grace with which Daniel instructs his fellow on what to do next.

I know my anatomy. I study it every day and every night, but this is something altogether new.

I’m not looking at the insides of a cadaver. This is a living human being.

And Daniel is going to fix his leaky heart.

I bite my lower lip while they talk through the procedure as they do it. Before my eyes, a ruined heart valve is removed and a synthetic one is put in its place.

“All right everyone, this is it.” Daniel gives a little clap of his hands.

This is what?

I have no idea what happens next, except there’s activity over by the bypass machine.

I practically jump out of my skin when Daniel reaches over and takes my hand in his.

“Dr. Black, do you want to do the honors? Have you ever massaged a heart?”

I look at him as if he’s grown two heads. Of course, I haven’t massaged a heart and is he thinking what I think he is?

My question is answered as he moves my hand from where I have it tightly clasped over my chest to hover over the surgical field. His grip is firm, solid, and resolute.

He touches me exactly the same way he does when we’re alone.



Completely in control.

His voice guides me as he tells me exactly what he wants me to do. And his hand is on mine, showing me what he expects.

I’m giddy and, if I wasn’t so excited about what I think is going to happen next, I’d be aroused as hell.

He places my hand on the heart.

“Wrap your fingers around it.” He shows me exactly where to put my hand and covers mine with his experienced hand.

I do exactly as I’m told. I have an inherent need to please this man and a deep desire to obey him.

It’s why we are so good together.

He gives a squeeze of his hand and my hand contracts. The man’s heart moves beneath me.

“Just like that, Alexa.” His voice whispers across my skin while his hand shows me exactly how to restart our patient’s heart.

By squeezing, we’re waking up the nerve bundles which pace the heart. It’s like doing CPR except we’re not pressing on the man’s chest. We’re actually compressing his heart.

Squeeze. Squeeze. Squeeze.

To the others in the room, he’s showing an intern how to massage a heart and restart normal electrical activity. Between us, he’s caressing my fingers with his, soothing me with his voice. It’s easily one of the most sensual moments in my life.

“You got it. A firm hand is what it takes.” He’s not talking about squeezing a heart. “Dedication. Discipline. Determination. Those are what separate those who achieve their goals from those who don’t.” Again, he’s not talking about being a doctor.

As my confidence grows, and my grip becomes more sure, he drags the tip of his finger over the knuckles of my hand.

“Are you dedicated? Do you have the discipline to survive?”

Again, he’s not talking about open heart surgery and restarting a man’s heart.

The slightest movement happens beneath my hand and I give a gasp. I squeeze the heart again and that shudder picks up speed. The heart gives a little shake, then the first pulsation kicks in.

The heart is beating on its own.

“Yes, Sir.” My response is breathy because of what just happened, but more so because of the subtext I’m reading in his tone.

We’ve been delving deeper and deeper into this thing between us. He’s been challenging me with the depths of my submission. Our bedroom sessions are slipping over into everything else.

“This is what I want. Whatever it takes, I’ll do it.”

Now I’m the one who’s not talking about work. I’m ready to dive right into the deep end.

“Congratulations Alexa, you just restarted his heart.” Daniel pulls my hand back.

“Holy shit!”

People laugh all around me. They see this kind of thing every day. For me, it’s miraculous.

Daniel ignores me for the remainder of the case as he talks Mark through the finer points of closing up the chest. He bends a knee near the end, brushing against me with the slightest pressure. It’s a gentle caress.

And a promise.

“Dr. Black,” he says in a dismissive voice. “Unscrub. You have work to do.”

Unfortunately, that’s true. Joining him in the operating room means none of my daily notes have been done. It’s going to be a late night for me, but I don’t care.

I’m not on call tonight. Daniel isn’t either. We have an entire evening together and tonight he’s taking me to the club for Auction Night.

The Ties that Bind is hosting its annual charity event. Daniel wants to know if I’m dedicated? If I’m disciplined?

He’s going to be surprised when he finds out exactly how far I’m willing to go. Step aside Alice in Wonderland. I’m getting ready to jump down that rabbit hole.

When an intern is dismissed from an operating room, they leave. We all want to hang around and watch the cool stuff. This is what a surgical resident lives for: operating on patients. Unfortunately, surgeries are only a small part of the job.

For an intern, it’s a very small part.

I exit the operating room and remove my sterile attire, scrub my hands, and head back to the surgical unit. A quick check on Mr. Parks and I’m relieved to see the antibiotics are working. His fever broke and he smiles when I do my exam. We chat for a bit, then I’m off to write my notes.

Hours go by and I’m deep into the monster that is our electronic medical record. Everyone else has left and the room is blissfully quiet without all the extraneous chatter. I’m on the last note and will be done soon.

A presence looms behind me. My gut tightens and my breath quickens. A hand goes around the back of my neck. Long fingers wrap around to dig into the soft tissues along my throat.

“Alexa, are you nearly finished?”

Daniel’s voice does strange things to me, especially when he shifts to the lower registers which define his dominant side.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl.”

I stiffen because he shouldn’t call me that. Not here. Someone might hear. But then I remember I’m alone in the resident workroom.

He bends down and nips the corner of my earlobe with his teeth. This is crossing so many lines and he’s taking a serious risk.


“Tsk, tsk, baby girl. That is not what you’re allowed to call me at work. Your ass must be calling to me.” He’s standing directly behind me and I feel him push against the back of the chair. “Are you eager for tonight?”

We met at the club. He fucked me there the first time. Paddled my ass until my throat was raw. And he sent me to my knees before him for the first time. It’s where he asked me to come home and spend the night with him.

We clicked on a level I can't describe. And I went to my new Dom's home where we fucked and embraced our mutual kink.

I didn't know who he was, and he had no idea I was one of the new interns starting that year. It was a little bit of a shock, but after the things we'd done…there was no stopping. We'd fallen too far down the rabbit hole to turn back.

That was months ago. We’ve been inseparable ever since as our dynamic matured. We’re not in a Master/slave dynamic—although I want one—but we’re pretty damn close.

Something about handing over all control to Daniel excites me, but there’s more. It soothes the ragged edges in my life. With him in control, I don’t have to worry about anything. All I have to do is follow his lead, submit to his command, and fulfill every filthy desire running through his head.

I want that with a passion that keeps me up at night and runs through my head all through the day.

“Yes, Sir, I’m eager. I’m almost done.”

His fingers are tracing up and down my throat, stroking along my windpipe with promise. He’s been experimenting with breath play. It’s dangerous and risky, but I trust my life to this man.

Hell, we restarted a man’s heart today.

Daniel knows his limits and I trust myself with him implicitly.

“I love when you call me Sir, baby girl.” He rocks his hips into the back of my chair.

I bet he’s hard. Not that there’s anything I can do about it. Not here.

“Hurry up with your notes. I want to be at the club by nine.” He brings both hands around my throat and gives a squeeze. “And we need to discuss the punishment you earned during rounds before we leave. I hope you’ve studied your five W’s. There will be a quiz.”

Quizzes with Daniel are challenging. It’s hard to answer when my mouth is filled with his cock. I squirm a little in my seat. He obviously wants to play before the auction.

“Yes, Sir. This is my last note, then I’ll be headed home.” I need to sign out my patients to the intern on call before I leave, but that won’t take long.

Daniel leans down and gives another nip to my ear lobe. This one is harder and I brace against the pain. “I’ll see you there and I’ll be waiting. Class starts promptly at seven.”

Class is our code word for a scene. He expects me to report to his home office on time, in my schoolgirl outfit, ready to be grilled on what I learned today. I press my knees together and hold back a moan.

“You sound eager.”

“Yes, Sir, I am.”

“What are you most eager for? The sting of my hand or the stretch of my cock as I fill you?”

I bit my lower lip. They are equally delicious. I could lie, but he knows me too well.

“I need to burn, Sir.” There’s just something about stinging pain which erases all the stress from my day.

“I see. You need the crop?”

I wiggle in my seat. “If it pleases you, Sir.”

He understands where I need to go and what it takes for me to fly. And Daniel’s happy to indulge me.

He places a light, barely-there kiss to my temple with a soft brush of his lips. “I’ll be ready for you. Detention it is.” He says nothing else, releases my poor earlobe then retreats.

Those words are almost enough to send me into a full-body orgasm right then and there. Fortunately, Daniel retreats and the door shuts behind him. I’m alone. Terribly turned on. And I still have to finish this note.

I’m motivated to finish quickly.

Chapter 3

It’s not like me to run late, but Mr. Park's condition worsened right before I left. I could ask the on-call intern to take care of things, but I worry about my patients.

I go to Mr. Park's room, complete my exam, and order a bunch of tests. We adjust his medications and I glance at my watch. It’s six thirty and there’s no way I’ll be home on time.

Tardiness is not tolerated and I step on the gas trying to get to Daniel’s place in time to change.

Daniel is fifteen years older than me, and while we’re not technically into age play, we’re very aware of the age gap. It works for him and it works for me.

The room he’s set up for me in his home is not much different from my room when I was a senior in high school. There are posters on the wall and frilly things throughout. There aren’t many times when I’m sent to my room, but when I am it’s generally because I’m being punished. Or like now, when I’m racing to change out of my work scrubs into my schoolgirl uniform.

Daniel hears me pull up his driveway. The garage door slides up. I’m only ever to park inside. He doesn’t want his neighbors seeing the young intern who spends nearly every night at his house. We’re practically living together, except we’re not.

He’ll retreat to his study, allowing me to enter the house and head to my room. School starts the moment I put my uniform on. He’ll discipline me for being late, but he won’t intrude on the few moments it takes for me to climb out of my car and go to my room.

This is all the time I have to get into the proper headspace. We’re shedding our daytime roles. He’s no longer the Chief of Surgery and I’m no longer a lowly intern. He’s my professor and I’m his student.

The transition doesn’t take long. It literally takes a minute or two to walk to my room. A few minutes more to yank off my scrubs and put on the short skirt, crop shirt, thigh high hose and Patent leather shoes.

But it’s an important step.

I need to shed who I am to become what we both need.

I hear him moving around in the living room and I rush to finish my look. It’s ten minutes after seven and I’m terribly late.

There’s a sound outside my door and I pause. I’m frozen like a mouse because he’s outside my door. Depending on his mood, he’ll enter or walk away. If he enters…I don’t want to think about that.

There are very few times he comes into my room. When he does, I know it’s because he’s had a hard day and really needs to blow off steam. For a sexual dominant in a high stress job, that usually means a little forced non-con play.

His breathing is heavy, ponderous, and there’s a light thud on the door. I’m barely breathing now. He’s had a good day. Nothing bad happened. But I brace for it.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

With a gulp, I answer. “Yes, Sir.”

“You’re late.”

“Yes, Sir, I know. I’m sorry.”

“Do I need to come in there?”

The thing is, I want him to come in. I love it best when Daniel comes unglued. He always has his shit together. It’s why he’s successful. But in those rare moments when he lets the animal inside of him out, I see the real him. It's awe inspiring and magnificent.

His question is a test. If I say yes, I’m agreeing to what comes next. He always asks. It’s a formality before barging in, and required according to our agreement surrounding consensual non-consent.

I’m the only one to see him at his worst when he unleashes his ferocity and brutality. I think it’s the best side of him, but then I get off on control. I love the feral nature he unleashes. And I love that I’m the only one who gets to see beyond the walls he puts up for the world.

But I don’t want him in my room.

What I want is something else entirely. If everything goes as planned, after tonight, I’ll have everything I want.

I’ll have all of him. The rules and agreements we have between us will no longer be required. It’s a scary thought and not something I enter into lightly. I’ve been thinking about it for months, after I first recognized the need growing within me.

If I open that door, we won’t make it to the auction tonight, and I need to be up on that stage.

“No, Sir.” I keep my voice meek.

“You have two minutes to get to the headmaster’s office, young lady. Two minutes! Or you will regret it.”

I gulp. He’s normally my professor, not my headmaster. He’s taking us to a different level.

“Yes, Sir.” My reply comes out as a squeak.

As he walks away, I pull my hair back into a ponytail riding high on my head. It makes me look younger; young enough to face my headmaster.

He’s prowling around the house, anxious to begin, and I hear him enter his office. On the outside, it looks exactly as you would expect a doctor’s home office to look like.

There’s a massive mahogany desk with a leather chair set behind it. There’s a couch off to the side. It’s wood paneled with a built-in bookcase.

It’s one of those bookcases with long metal rods going from one wall to the next with a ladder that can slide across. What you wouldn’t realize is that those metal rods, one just over my head and the other ankle height, are used as restraints. Behind the locked cabinets are rows of impact toys, blindfolds, ropes, cuffs, and all manner of adult toys.

In the far corner is something which looks like a Zen rock garden. There’s a small wooden bamboo post with a display holding one of his medical books. It looks like he’s paying homage to his chosen profession, only instead of sand, he’s filled the base with rice. And that medical book is only there for display.

I’ve spent hours with the rice granules digging into my knees as I’ve written out my lines. It’s an insidious form of punishment, because it’s uncomfortable at first, slowly turning excruciating as time wears on. I’ve written thousands of lines kneeling there while he works at his desk.

I’ve cried and begged to be released from my torment, but he never wavers in the discipline he dispenses.

My stomach churns as I walk down the hall and I pause outside the door. He’s in the room, waiting and glances up at me as I knock on the door. I’m not allowed inside the headmaster’s office without permission.

“Miss Alexandria, you are late for detention.”

“Yes, Headmaster, I’m sorry.”

He changed his clothes as well.

When he stands, he buttons his tweed blazer and shoves a hand into the pocket of his wool trousers. There's a noticeable bulge behind the zipper. There’s a red bowtie around his neck and he grips a pipe in his other hand. His gaze is hard, resolute, and sends a shudder down my spine.

He reaches down and takes a wooden ruler in his hand. Smacking it against his palm, he points to the front of the desk.

“Palms flat on the desk. Bend over.” The need in his voices rushes over me and the air is practically sizzling between us.

We enter an entirely different realm when we’re like this…at our best.

“Yes, Sir.” I step into his domain and everything changes. I’m no longer Dr. Alexandria Black. I’m a recalcitrant school girl who’s been summoned to the headmaster's office to be punished.

My palms slick with sweat as I place them on the desk. Bending over, the short skirt rides up my ass. I’m not wearing panties and he can see everything.

Chapter 4

“What is this?” He acts like he’s shocked and he flips what little there is of my skirt up. Air whispers against my naked butt.

I wiggle my ass. I’m asking for it.

Before I know what’s happening, he spins me around. He props a hip on the desk and braces his knee to support my weight. The air whistles between his fingers as he brings his hand down sharply on my ass.

“Do you know what happens to slutty girls?” He spanks me harder and I feel his erection lengthen between us. “There is a dress code in this establishment. Panties are required, but I think you believe you can get out of your punishment by seducing me.”


He strikes again. My breath rushes out of my lungs, too fast for the scream I need to unleash.

I grunt with each crack against my ass. The burn is too much. Too intense. Too much of everything. I’m fucking wet for him.

Ten strikes, then I’m spinning in the air again. Daniel’s strong and lifts me effortlessly. I’m facing the desk again and he’s putting my hands back on the desk.

The wooden ruler cracks in his hand. The sound makes me jump, but I don’t dare move.

“What happens to slutty girls?”

It’s a question I don’t want to answer. All I care about is swimming in enough pain to drown out the noise in my head. This is my bliss and I want it now.

But I’m not the one in charge.

“They’re punished.”

“That’s right, Miss Alexandria. They are punished.”

The ruler whistles though the air and I’m lifted onto my toes when it strikes across my ass. It pulls my first full-bodied scream from my throat and I don’t have time to take a breath before he strikes again.

Ten swats from his hand. Ten strikes from the ruler. I’m a quivering mess and terribly aroused. I need to come so badly my legs shake. My panting is more from arousal than it is from pain. Although, to be honest, the two merge until I don’t know what hurts or what feels so damn good.

“Please!” I’m also not above begging.

“What?” He places his hand on my lower back, keeping me in place. “Please, Sir…I’m sorry.”

“It’s too late for that.” He reaches between my legs and his talented fingers find my clit.

I’m lifted up on my toes again, although this time for an entirely different reason.

“So fucking wet.” His husky voice shifts out of angry headmaster to aroused sexual dominant. “Tell me, did you think you could waltz in here and seduce me?”

That’s exactly what I thought, but that’s not what school girl Alexandria would say.

“No, Sir.”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

He smacks my ass while he shoves two fingers inside of me. His fingers pump in and out and I’m caught between intense pleasure and excruciating pain.

“That’s not what I think. I think you thought you could walk in here and entice me with that hot body, those luscious lips and your tight pussy. Tell me, do you want to fuck me?”

I’m powerfully attracted to Daniel and not beyond begging to get what I want.

“Yes, Sir.”


“Or do you want me to fuck you? There’s a difference young lady.”

Holy hell, his fingers are working magic as they slowly pump in and out of me. And his thumb! He presses it against my clit, driving me crazy, but each time I get close he pulls back.

Leaning over me, his lips tickle my ear. “Is that what you want? Do you want me to fuck you, baby girl?”

“Yes…” My answer is barely a whisper.

“What? I can’t hear you. You came in here thinking you could seduce me and get out of your punishment. Instead, you’ve been punished and now I’m going to take what I want.” He flips up the tiny scrap of my skirt and the sound of him unbuckling his trousers fills the room. The drag of the leather as he pulls his belt free gets my attention, but I’m more focused on the rasp of the zipper being drawn down than worrying about why he removed the belt.

Hell, I know why he did that. Poor Alexandria’s punishments are far from over.

His fingers drive me insane and I grind against him, needing more friction. I’m shamelessly humping his hand, trying to steal my orgasm from him. I need to come…now.

“Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Greedy girls don’t get what they want.” He pulls away, chuckling at my whimper of frustration.

His palm brushes against my ass, soothing the burn from the ruler. Then I feel the flare of his cock between my legs. He drags his dick along my pussy, coating it in my juices, before he presses it against my opening.

“Tell me you want this, Alexandria. Tell me you like getting fucked by your headmaster.”

“I like getting fucked by my headmaster.” I’ll say whatever I need to if he’ll fuck me already.

He plunges inside of me and my eyes practically roll back in my head with the sensation of him filling me. He grips my hips, fingers digging deep, as he slowly pulls out.

“You’re going to report every day for detention, Miss Alexandria.” He slams forward with a grunt. “Fuuuuck…” he says, “you’re so fucking wet for me.”

“Yes, Sir. Only for you.”

We drop the pretense of headmaster and school girl.

This is just us. Him fucking me until we’re oblivious to the world.

I come quickly and he takes his time. He’s enjoying fucking me slow, which I don’t mind in the slightest. I come again before he finally allows his orgasm to crash through him. We stay draped over his office desk, blissfully satisfied.

He brushes my long ponytail off my back and nuzzles my neck. He’s still half hard, the long length of him is buried deep inside of me.

“The perfect end to a perfect day, don’t you agree?”

I reach around and cup his hand. “Yes, Sir.”

He pulls out and collapses to the floor. I join him. Our backs press against the desk and he pulls my hand into his lap. His long fingers trace mine.

“You held a man’s life in your hands today. Tell me how that felt?”

“It was beyond amazing.” I grip his hand and put his finger in my mouth. I suck on it, flicking the tip like I do the head of his cock. I stare at him coyly and his lips turn into a smile.

“Teasing the headmaster is a risky move.” It’s a warning and his low throaty growl has me horny again.

I lift up and twist around, straddling him. His dick is soft, but I feel it twitch.

“I held a man’s life in my hands, Sir, but you know what I loved about it?”

He sweeps the hair out of my eyes and trails his fingers down my jaw. He pushes his thumb into my mouth, pushing it in and out like he’s fucking me there.

“Tell me.”

“It was wonderful because you were by my side. Your hand on mine. The way you guided me. Your mastery over me…”

He pulls his thumb out and presses it against my lips. “We’ve talked about this.”

I give a little pout and reach between us where I take his cock in my hand. His head tips back as I slowly stroke him until he’s hard again.


We’ve talked about it, but he’s holding back.

“You’re not ready to be a slave.”

“How do you know?”

I would bow before him now except I’m lifting up and settling over his cock. The tip breaches my entrance and I slowly lower down as he bites his lower lip.

His hands are on me again, resting on my hips, but he doesn’t take control. I sink down until he’s fully inside of me and rock my pelvis. I arch back, which puts my tits in his face.

Generous to a fault, he takes my nipple in his mouth, flicking it with his tongue. I ride him, rising slowly up and down. We have somewhere to be tonight, but there’s always time for this.

“What if I told you I was?” I won’t let this go. He’s a captive audience as I fuck him.

“You don’t know what it means to be a slave. The power you’d hand over to me is too much.”

He clamps down on my nipple and shocks of pleasure shoot through me. Reaching between us, he places his thumb on my clit.

I’m rocking my pelvis against his, but his thumb is so much better at getting me off. He knows exactly the kind of pressure I need. My orgasm slams into me and my legs quiver. I’ve lost my rhythm as my entire body shakes.

He flips me to my knees and enters me from behind while the last waves of pleasure roll through me.

“I know what it means to be a slave.” He needs to know I’m ready.

His breathing picks up as he thrusts in and out. With his hips rocking back and forth, I’m getting rug burn on my cheek. Not that I’ll tell him to stop.

“I don’t think you do.” His words come between thrusts, his breathing heavy and labored.

He’s wrong. It’s exactly what I want and I’m willing to prove it. He slams into me, chasing his release. His body bucks as he increases the pace, fucking me into oblivion until his body shakes with the force of his orgasm. He slaps my ass and collapses beside me.

“You’re fucking amazing.” He clasps my hand over his chest and the rapid beat of his heart pulses beneath my palm.

I roll over and prop up on my elbow so that I can gaze at his chiseled perfection. I trail my hand over the hard planes and ridges of his body.

“I want to be yours. I want to be yours in every way.”

“You are mine.” He looks at me with incredible tenderness. This man who used his hand and a ruler to tenderize my ass a few moments ago, looks at me with adoration and love. I feel the same way, but I need something more.

“I want to be more.”

He releases my hand and rises to a sitting position. “Becoming my slave…it means surrendering your life into my hands. You’re young, Alexa. You’re not equipped to make that decision. You don’t know what it means to me. You don’t know what I will take from you.”

I know exactly what he’ll take. I’ve seen the way he looks at me. I’ve seen the longing in his face when we’re at The Ties that Bind. There are rooms there, rooms we’ve yet to explore. They are dark and twisted. I want to go there with him. I want to be that for him.

But I say nothing.

Our night has barely begun. This isn’t the end. It’s only our beginning.

Or, so I hope.

Chapter 5

The Ties that Bind is more than a nightclub. It’s an exclusive, posh, members-only club which has become our secondary home.

Funny how I call the club my home. Although, if you understand my past, it makes a lot of sense.

I feel alive in The Ties that Bind.

Really alive.

It’s a place where I shed my skin and become that other, more secretive, part of myself.

The real me shines.

And tonight is the night of the big auction. A charity event which never fails to bring in millions.

No surprise.

Not when the prize items up for bid are women willing to sell themselves for a good cause.

As for me?

I’m going to give myself to Daniel. At least that’s the plan.

We’re a kinky pair of deviant perfection.

But, I want more.

It’s a little uncertain in my head whether he wants me as much as I want him. He keeps putting off my questions. There’s a small chance I may be nothing more than a passing fling.

As far as I know, I’m the only resident he’s slept with…is sleeping with. But, I could be wrong.

Infatuated doesn’t begin to describe my state of mind when I’m with him. I’m over the moon in love with Dr. Daniel Greyson.




But here’s the problem.

It’s a stinking pile of shit problem.

We can’t be seen together and we most definitely can’t be seen as a couple. If anyone finds out what we do at the club, or within the privacy of his home…

Let’s just say both our careers will be over.

Mine is yet to begin. We’re screwed.

With years of residency ahead of me, I don’t want to wait.

He does.

And he calls the shots.

It’s the smart thing to do—the rational thing we should do. It’s the only thing that saves his job and reputation, not to mention my fledgling career.

He refuses to jeopardize my future. He says I have true talent. I believe him, because I’m a damn good surgeon. Or, I will be once my training is complete.

We are so fucked.

And yet, we fuck.

We fuck a lot.

And we’re fucking kinky as fuck.

I want to take things to the next level and that doesn’t involve a wedding ring.

I want his collar.

His unwavering dominance.

His unyielding authority.

Plus, I want the sting of his hand, the bite of his whip, and the strictness of his rules to encompass every facet of my life. Not just stolen moments.

Not just at the club. I want it all the fucking time.

Tonight, I may be making the biggest mistake of my life. Or, I might be making the best damn decision for us both.

That’s another problem.

I’m not the one who makes our decisions. It’s not my role. Not my place. And I’m going to burn in hell for what I plan for tonight.

Either way, I’m not coming out of this unscathed.

I say this because we didn’t talk about tonight. He doesn’t know what I plan.

And when he sees me on the auction block, there’s a good chance he’ll walk away.

A sane man would.

I’m scared shitless. So much so, that I flinch when he comes up behind me as I'm getting ready to draw the hair off my nape and kisses that spot right behind my ear which always makes me weak in the knees. My entire body is alive and buzzing in my well-fucked state.

“You almost ready, baby girl?"

After his office, we broke our scene to get ready for tonight’s event.

My insides turn to jelly every damn time he calls me baby girl. It makes me feel precious, coveted, and completely his. That’s the feeling I want—no not want—I need more of it.

I’m supposed to be wearing an evening gown, something I plan to ditch in the not so distant future for something much more appropriate. But I’m running late and only have a tiny g-string and my bra on.

I’m doing my makeup and just finished my hair.

His breath whispers across my skin, sending shockwaves down my spine. My nerves light up and I’m wet and needy within the span of a second. This is what he does to me.

“Almost, Sir.”

“You know how I feel about tardiness.” His vocal tones shift to a lower register and my insides knot with a throbbing need. I love when we play. I especially love his insatiable appetite.

We’re alone. In his house. We can be the professor and his naughty school girl all night long.

But we are running late.

He wraps his hand around the back of my neck and his fingers brush across the soft tissues of my throat.

“You know what happens to tardy girls.”

Yes, I know. My ass is throbbing with his discipline.

I gulp against his fingers. “Yes, Sir.”

The words are barely a squeak as they leave my mouth and my fingers splay across my makeup counter. Breath surges in and out of my lungs and I gulp for air.

He looks fucking hot in his black tux. I look amazing in the mirror wearing practically nothing.

This is how our world should be all the time.

Instead, we spend our days at the hospital in our surgical scrubs as he teaches the newest crop of budding surgeons how to save lives. He’s older than me, much older, but that’s one of the things which draws me to him. I respect the hell out of Daniel, both as a physician and as a man; a virile, dominant man who loves kink as much as I do.

We’re perfectly matched.

I like when he’s dressed and I’m not. It establishes expectations and defines the power shifting between us. I’m the most real Me when I bow to him.

In my scrubs, I’m as cocky and arrogant as they come, constantly challenging the status quo as I compete with my fellow residents to shine the brightest. It’s my job to question and challenge my teachers.

To challenge him.

And I am very good at my job.

Which is why I turn around and wrap my arms around his waist. I snuggle against his chest and breathe him in. He smells so damn good. It’s intoxicating.

“But you don’t want to punish me, do you, Sir?”

“Is that what you think?” There’s a smirk on his face and he palms my ass. His finger slides beneath the tiny thread of my g-string.

I glance up at him and smile inwardly at the victory my touch brings. He’s as affected as I am. We do this to each other.

It’s why we fuck a lot.

My professor has the libido of a stallion and I’m at his service whenever he wants.




His cock twitches, elongating and thickening with his arousal and there’s that catch in his breath I love. He cups my ass and yanks me against him, grinding his erection against my belly.

“Fuck it, Alexandria. We’re going to be so late.” He plants his hands on my shoulders and forces me to my knees.

I don’t need to be told what to do. This is my place. I make quick work of his buckle and free his cock from his pants.

There’s barely time to open my mouth before he jams himself between my lips. Carefully, I keep from scraping him with my teeth as he shoves himself deep into my mouth. With a groan of satisfaction, he knows he found my tonsils.

I look up at him, blissfully at peace with his cock in my mouth, and swirl my tongue along the underside of his shaft.

His eyes close and he grips my hair, destroying the fancy updo I spent half an hour on. Eyes blown black with lust, he lets himself go, draws back, then fucks my face with unrestrained urgency.

I take him in and swallow him whole. I’m in my happy place and no longer worried about tonight.

I’m scared he’ll walk away, but if I can’t have this all the time, we need to stop this thing we do. My heart can’t handle having only a piece of him.

His body jerks with his release and I swallow his cum, licking him clean.

Then I’m lifted off my knees and he spins me around to face the mirror. His hand reaches for my hair brush.

“What’s the punishment for tardiness, baby girl?”

My eyes pinch together because this is going to sting.

“Ten, Sir.”

“Bend over.”

I do as commanded and grip the hard marble of the counter as the brush whistles through the air. It smacks against my ass and I can’t help but give a little screech.

Tears flow. There won’t be any sitting in my immediate future tonight. But this is what I love.

We’re late, but he never holds back on a punishment when it’s earned. It’s what I love about him and what I’ve come to trust. He is resolute in his position of authority over me.

I brace against the pain, because he won’t be gentle with me. Ten strikes later and I’m a blubbering mess. My fancy updo is destroyed and my makeup is ruined.

He places the brush down and I’m well aware he’s hard again.

“Do you want to come, baby girl?” He’s already lining up to fuck me and he knows I’m a throbbing mess of need. He yanks at my g-string, ripping it from my body, and a whimper escapes me.

I’m horribly turned on. I’m needy. And I’m incredibly wet.

“Yes, Sir.”

He doesn’t respond except to grab his dick and press the tip against my entrance.

“Are you going to come for me?”

“Yes please.” I’m not beyond begging.

He thrusts inside, groaning as my wet heat sheathes his cock. He tells me there’s nothing in the world better than the feel of sinking into me. That rush of warmth is the feeling of coming home. Or at least that’s how he describes it when he fucks me.

I know one thing that would feel better. But I don’t know if he’s willing to take that step with me.

I moan as he slams forward and drags his cock out in a slow agonizing slide. The blowjob was fast. This is not.

He slaps my ass and it’s exactly what I need to let go. I’m coming hard. My screams fill the bathroom. I’m vocal during sex.

It’s not long before he follows me over the edge. Then he pulls out and grabs at a washcloth. Leaning over me, he wets it, then gently wipes between my legs.

“Leave your hair long. Wear nothing under your dress, and fix your makeup. Be downstairs in ten-minutes, baby girl, or you’ll be writing lines for a week. Do you understand? We’re late.”

I glance at him in the mirror and he returns my adoration with his stony countenance. The man is hard, unyielding, and he hurts me to keeps me happy. He loves me deeply. I see it in his eyes.

“Yes, Sir.”

I just don’t know if I’ll see it later tonight.

I’m terrified I’m pushing too hard, that I’ll push him away. I shouldn’t do it, but something tells me this is what we need.

We need it because it’s who we are.

I need to prove to him this is what I want. If not, we won’t survive the night.

He leaves me and I hastily redo my makeup and comb out my long, wavy hair. I’m not upset about the time I wasted on the updo. I was going to take it down later anyway.

With two minutes to spare, I’m downstairs waiting by the door leading out to the garage. He checks his watch as he approaches and gives me a nod.

“Good girl.”

I bow my head in acquiescence. “Thank you, Sir.”

He opens the door and swats my ass as I step through the doorway. We climb inside his Porsche before he raises the garage doors. Nobody knows I’m here. We’re that careful. And the windows are smoked. The neighbors have no idea he fucks me in his home, or that he does all the other filthy things I love.

We’re that paranoid.

That fucked.

No one can know we date. No one can know we fuck.

But I want that and so much more.

Chapter 6

We park in the underground parking deck and I wait patiently for Daniel to help me out of the low-sitting Porsche. He opens my door and extends a hand. The bolt of electricity which zings up my arm is as strong today as the first time we met.

We met here. The night before starting my residency I needed to blow off steam. I came as a guest and found myself struck speechless by the man in the crisp white Oxford and red bow tie.

He came to talk to my friend, Katy.

Our gazes collided and it wasn’t long before our lips were locked and our bodies entwined.

He pushed my limits that night using his hand to turn my ass red and my throat raw from the screams he pulled from my willing body.

Needless to say, the next morning proved interesting when all the new interns waited to meet the Chief of Surgery. We were so damn eager to shine and prove ourselves.

I’m not sure whose eyes grew the widest, except from the back of the room where I stood my insides turned to jelly when our gazes met across the distance.

The text I received to report to his office later that day came with a great deal of trepidation. I hadn’t just fucked the Chief of Surgery. I’d let him do things to me—kinky as fuck things—that would get him fired in a heartbeat.

I knew a terrible secret which could destroy his career.

I thought I was getting fired. Instead, I received a lecture as he told me what would and wouldn’t happen between us.

His lecture turned me on. When he noticed me squirming, instead of reading me the riot act, I found myself shoved to my knees and his dick in my mouth.

It was the first and only time he ever lost it at work.

The Ties that Bind is our club. Our past. Our present. And what I hope will be our future.

“You look ravishing,” he says and I can feel his hungry gaze licking my flesh. I sucked him off and he fucked me from behind, yet he’s still not satisfied. He rarely is.

“Thank you, Sir.”

I arch a brow, wondering if I will soon find myself draped over the hood of the Porsche while he takes his fill again. But he doesn’t.

“Are you eager for this evening?” He takes me in hand and leads me to the elevator.

I wobble on four-inch stilettos and manage not to turn an ankle. We arrive at the elevator and wait for the doors to open.

The club takes up nearly a city block. It’s exclusive to the point of paranoia and no one who passes by the city-long block of brick and mortar has a clue what goes on inside.

We enter through private entrances, either via the parking deck or a handful of doors guarded by our members at street level. We’re secretive and that makes us special. It makes the entire experience a heightened treat of the senses because we know we’re hiding our true natures from the inquisitive eyes of the common man.

“Yes, Sir.”

Fully in our element, I’m free to submit to his will. This is where I thrive. It’s where I embrace all the things I exclude from my everyday life.

I don’t have to be the strong, empowered woman who excels in a male-dominated career. I don’t have to fight for recognition for my surgical skills.

All I need is to embrace my femininity and exist beneath his guiding light. I’m a fucking feminist and I’m here to say I choose to submit because fuck anyone who tries to tell me what I can and can’t do.

“I hear the silent auction has several pieces of jewelry…” He’s trying to engage me in conversation and figure out what kind of treats he can spoil me with tonight.

I don’t want baubles. I want him.

But I play along.


He brushes a lock of hair off my shoulder, exposing my tanned skin. Placing a kiss to the tip of my shoulder he glances up at me.

“I was thinking about getting some studs.”

I pull at my ear. I have no piercings. Earrings are not my thing.

His low chuckle makes my stomach flip in the most delightful way.

“For your tits, baby girl. I want to pierce your nipples.”

He knows I have a thing about piercings. There’s a reason my ears are pristine. I hate needles. I know, that’s funny as shit considering I’m a surgeon who cuts people open for a living, but this is my body. My rules.

Not if he collars you.

That voice whispers in my head. What I want comes with consequences.



Life altering consequences.

If I go through with this, I give up the right to decide anything about anything.

Not that Daniel will ignore my thoughts or disregard my feelings. He’s a true dominant, devoted to the health and well-being of his submissive with a passion bordering on reverent insanity.

It’s one of the reasons I feel safe in handing over complete control of my life to him. It’s also the reason I’m scared to death. Not all of those butterflies in my stomach are from a simple touch.

“Hm,” he says with a chuckle, “cat got your tongue?”

“If that’s what you want…”

He grips my upper arms and positions me in front of him. “Is it what you want?”

It’s an honest question and he delivers it with the same intensity he brings to every important decision.

“You know how I feel about needles.”

He can’t help but smile. Everyone in the hospital knows about my fear of needles. I can slice a human, muck around inside, and sew them up with the steadiest hand. But come at me with a needle and I scream like a little girl.

Actually, that may be what Daniel first saw in me.

He had a daddy fetish when he met me and I think seeing me having a fit, and talking me down, was the first time he noticed something different about me. We connected on a level which scared us both.

We don’t do the Little thing. I couldn’t get into it, but we love playing professor and naughty schoolgirl.

There’s nothing sexier than seeing him stare down at me with his arms crossed over a pressed white Oxford with a bow tie around his neck. Nothing except a crisp black tux that is. My professor is easily the sexiest man at this shindig.

“I do, but that’s not what I’m asking,” he says, more serious than I want to admit. “If I want your nipples pierced, is that enough reason for you to want it as well?”

I know what he’s asking and it excites me as much as it frightens me. I need him to push me. I need him to control me. His dominance is my aphrodisiac.

But we’re talking a fucking needle.

In my tit.

My nipples actually.

I rub at my boobs as the phantom pain brought about by even thinking about piercing my nips races through me.

All the things he can do with those piercings makes it hard to stand still. I’m squirming in place, rubbing my thighs together against an insistent and needy ache. I want him to fuck me again.

And it’s not like his desire trumps mine. What happens is much more profound. His becomes mine, because pleasing him fulfills an all-encompassing need within me.

It may seem strange to say that considering what I plan, but it’s the truth.

Or, one version of it.

There are too many truths locked up in this thing we do.

I bite my lower lip and meet his gaze. “If it pleases you, Sir, then I want it.”

He hooks an arm around my waist and pulls me to him. “You know I’m hard again, don’t you, baby girl?”

I reach down to cup his growing erection, but he grabs at my wrist and shakes his head.

“Not without permission.”


“Not without permission.”

“Yes, Sir.” I say with a pout.

With a clucking of his tongue, he warns me to behave. In general, I’m notorious for not behaving, but we don’t have time to fuck again.

I give a little whimper as the doors to the elevator finally open. We step inside and ride up one floor to the main lobby.

He grabs my hand and gives it a squeeze. “Later, my love. I plan on fucking every hole on your body before the evening’s done, but we must be patient.”

He knows exactly what I’m thinking and how to push my buttons.

Wait a second! Every hole?

There’s one hole I’ve never given him. Not that he doesn’t make that promise to me every time we’re at the club. He’s a hopeful bastard.

You will if he makes the bid.

That voice in my head is annoying as fuck because it’s snarky as shit and one-hundred percent correct.

It may be surprising, but I’m an anal virgin. Like piercings, I have fears about getting fucked in the ass.

I’m told it can be good, but all I think about is the mess it makes.

I tend to overthink.

The elevator opens to an opulent space. Crystal chandeliers glitter overhead. Rich mahogany wood lines the walls and baffles the sound of the crowd. There are easily over five-hundred couples in the massive space for the meet and greet.

An excited buzz fills the space. I feel it on my skin, an energy wrapping around me and I breathe it all in, trying to absorb everything at once.

This is what I live for and we don’t get to the club as often as I’d like. Our schedules are crazy insane.

We’re not as late as I think.

At any other charity event of this magnitude, there would be an open bar. There’s alcohol here, but it’s far and few between. Our membership rules don’t allow mixing alcohol with play and tonight is a night of festivity for the club.

Out here, everyone is dressed in elegant evening attire. The dress code is strict, black tie for the men and evening gowns for the women.

Lining the periphery of the room are a series of tables with the silent auction items the membership at large will bid on. There’s a wide variety of items put up for sale. I’m not interested in any of them, but I dutifully follow Daniel as he works his way around the room.

We stop to get the bidding app installed on his phone at the welcome desk. Then we’re circulating with the membership and checking out what’s been put up for bidding.

There are several weekend vacation getaways. Things I would love. But we can’t be seen as a couple in public. Who knows what picture might get taken and posted for the hospital administration to discover on social media.

Not that they care.

But the risk is too great.

I linger over these, because who doesn’t want to go to Cancun and bask on the golden beaches? There’s even a ski weekend we can use when winter rolls around. Cold weather means all the sexy bits are covered. Cover the sexy bits and we’re less likely to get caught doing the deed someplace we shouldn’t.

Daniel is a bit of an exhibitionist. He loves when others watch us fuck.

He places a few bids on rare bottles of whiskey and a crate of wine. We meander over to a jewelry display where he teases me by asking for a closer look at several nipple pieces. There’s one with a chain that dangles between the nipples which makes me squirm. He shows far too much interest in that piece.

I know exactly what he would do with such a thing. The torment he would make me endure would be the sweetest torture. He lifts several up to my tits, dangling them over my nipples as he twists his lips. What he’s doing is making my nipples draw tight and practically poke through the silky fabric of my dress.

I’m getting stares from the other men. Daniel loves it because they’re looking at something they can never have. He reaches up and flicks one of my nipples causing me to bite down on my tongue. I’m so wet my thighs are slick. I’m surprised there’s not a stain on my dress.

“There are several here I like.” He’s talking to the lady behind the jewelry counter and she’s helping him with his phone to place a bid.

I don’t know if he’s placing a real bid or simply fucking with my head. Either way, it doesn’t matter. I’m practically on cloud nine just thinking about how hard he is with this little game. The man is shameless about sporting an erection in this crowd.

At work, in the thin scrubs we wear, I have no idea how he controls the beast between his legs. Because when we’re not at work, the man’s dick is more often hard than not. He reaches down to adjust himself and watches me watching him.

“You want this, don’t you?”

I give a nod and lick my lips. I want to go down on him right now. It doesn’t matter we’re in the middle of a crowd. Not this crowd. Every person here gets it.

There’s a commotion off to our right. Master Edge is pushing through the crowd and one of the prospective members is trailing in his wake.

“What do you mean you didn’t get the rope?” Master Edge lifts his hands over his head. “Of all the things to forget.”

“I’m sorry.” The un-vetted Dom trails behind Master Edge.

“Sorry is for shit heads.” Master Edge’s scowl cuts through the crowd.

“I’ll go get it.” The man says.

Master Edge spins around and points at the un-vetted Dom. “You stay here and mind what I told you.” His gaze sweeps around the room and lands on Daniel. He gives a lift of his chin which Daniel returns.

It’s their manly way of saying hello without actually speaking. I’m surprised there aren’t grunts exchanged. Master Edge and Daniel are a couple of the old-timers here. They were the first round of Dominants recruited by the recently deceased founder of The Ties that Bind.

Which reminds me…

I tug on Daniel’s sleeve. “Sir, I need to check on Katy.”

This is the first Gala she’s hosted since Master Andy died. All the Doms in the club pledged to help her find a new Master. Or at least a Dom strong enough to fill her life with the structure she craves. Daniel’s been looking for some time to find a suitable match, but so far there’s no one.

Katy needs a Master in her life.

I understand the need.

It’s what I want.

Katy saw the longing within me before I did, and it’s only with her help that I find myself brave enough to risk everything.

Daniel pulls me close. “Go ahead, but be back before the main event.”

“I will, Sir.” There’s a smile on my face and pain in my heart.

I hate lying to him.

But I do.

I lie through my teeth and get the hell out of there before he notices.

Chapter 7

It doesn’t take long to find Katy. She’s the heart and soul of The Ties that Bind. I just head toward the largest gathering of women and she’s right in the middle, firing off answers to a never-ending string of questions.

There are technically three auctions tonight. The first is the silent bidding before the main event.

I watch Daniel as he moves from table to table. He passes the jewelry display and moves on from whiskey, wine, and vacation packages to sex toys and other fun stuff.

His phone is practically in his face and I give a little grin. He’s a fanatic for kink paraphernalia and his home dungeon rivals the setup we have at the club. His entire basement is a den of sin and seduction, pain and pleasure, and more tantalizing treats. It’s my favorite place in the world.

I think he’s only beginning to truly explore the things he needs. I’ll be right there with him. Wherever he wants to go, I’m right there beside him.

I may be the submissive in this thing we do, but we’re equal partners in our desire for kink. I’m lucky he values my opinions and respects my limits.

Not all dominants understand how to truly maintain control.

Katy notices my arrival and comes to wrap an arm around my shoulder. The gaggle of submissives moves with her and I’m soon in the middle of the excitement with her.

“How are you doing, Alexa?”

“Excited.” I’m not excited. I’m fucking nervous. But I can’t say that. I can’t risk any of these girls inadvertently letting what I plan slip out and get to Daniel’s ears.

He’ll put an immediate stop to it.

Katy knows this.

We stand in the middle of the women while she answers questions about the second event of the evening: the open auction. There’s a growing signup list being circulated among the group.

Those on that list will be auctioned off on the block to the highest bidder, subjected to their whim for the remainder of the night.

It’s an opportunity for girls to hook up with men they might not otherwise have a chance to meet.

The third event of the night belongs to a much smaller group of women. There’s a selection process with rules associated with it. We won’t be put up for auction to the members at large.

Our bidding is a little different, and it requires consent of all parties involved. Or rather, it should.

I don’t have Daniel’s consent.

Technically, Katy and I are breaking the rules. But remember what I said about how well I follow rules?

I tend to spend a lot of time draped over Daniel’s knee for breaking rules and bad behavior. I also tend to spend an inordinate amount of time on my knees with his dick shoved in my mouth. And there are the other punishments I endure.

Thinking about him has me biting my lip and rubbing my thighs together. I need to come and I don’t think I’m going to survive the next few hours with this needy ache between my legs unfulfilled.

Maybe I can get Daniel to fuck me before the auction begins?

“Alexa?” Katy gives a little pinch to the back of my arm. “Have you heard a word I’ve said?”

I give a little shake of my head because I’m oblivious to anything but my need for Daniel.

Her soft laughter floats to my ear. “Hun, I was asking if you could help me prep the girls for tonight.”

My eyes widen. This is how she’s getting me back with the others. I’m going to be her assistant.

“Um, yeah. Sure.”

“Good.” She turns to one of the girls I barely know. “Izzy, do me a favor and tell Master Daniel I’ve borrowed Alexa to help me out with the auction.”

We decided not to ask Daniel’s permission. I can’t afford him saying no.

Izzy gives a nod and heads toward Daniel. Before she gets to him, Katy is pulling me to the side of the room. I need to be out of here before Daniel realizes Katy is appropriating my assistance.

Again…we can’t give him the opportunity to say no.

Not that Daniel would deny Katy anything. This is a tough night for her. The first time hosting this event without her Master by her side.

The men are falling all over themselves trying to make things as easy as possible for Katy. She knows this and is using it to her advantage.

I have a feeling Katy is going to be a handful for whatever man attempts to rope her under his control. Whoever the club Doms find for her has no idea the fight he’ll have on his hands. She’s feisty as fuck.

Which is why I love her.

Katy is also willing to bend the rules when she thinks it’s the best thing for those involved.

“We made it.” She gives a little clap of her hands as we make it to a side door leading out of the room.

I catch Daniel’s eye as I slip through the doorway. His lids narrow and his lips draw into a tight line.

He’s standing beside Eric, another of the Old Guard Doms, and Thomas, one of the newer Doms who joined the club last year.

Those two are trouble. From the way their heads are tucked close, I sense they’re up to no good. Daniel’s right there with them, plotting. I can feel it in my submissive bones and make a note to find Penny. She’s involved with both Eric and Thomas, not as a threesome, but rather in an open, polyamorous arrangement.

It’s concerning to see the two men together.

The door shuts behind us, sealing Katy and I in one of the service corridors.

“Hurry up. We need to get you out of that dress and into your outfit.”

I picked my outfit out last week. It’s nothing special, but it embodies everything Daniel and I are together. We’re all going to be dressed for our Doms enjoyment. It’s a way to entice them to bid high.

“I’m nervous.”

Katy gives a shake of her head. “As I would be if I were you. This is a big night.”

“What if he doesn’t bid on me?”

What if he decides I’m not worth the trouble? Or worse. What if he decides this isn’t what he wants at all?

“He’ll bid, sweetie.”

“How do you know?”

She stops and takes my hands in hers. “I just know.”

There’s a glimmer in her eyes I don’t trust, but it’s probably just her trying to keep me calm and reassure me. I trust Katy. She knows things.

"Now you go ahead. I need to head back and tie up a few loose ends." Katy returns to the main room and leaves me to my thoughts.

I hurry to the room where the other submissives are gathered. There are only six of us signed up for tonight. There’s a seventh spot, but it stays open tonight in memory of Master Andy. Maybe next year, Katy will be tied to that pole?

I know Daniel and the others are working hard to find a Dom to step into Master Andy’s shoes. I don’t envy them their task.

When I arrive, Michelle is already decked out in her harem outfit. She’s a blonde knockout with bright blue eyes and vivacious personality.

“You’re really doing it?” She gives a squeal and rushes to me. “Your stuff is ready.” She points to a small chair where a tight crop top, short plaid skirt, thigh-high white stockings, and Patent leather shoes wait for me. She pulls me down on the couch beside her. “Does he know?”

I shake my head. “Nope. It’s going to be a surprise.”

Who am I kidding? It’s going to rock his world and shift the foundations of our relationship.

Or destroy it.

I need to leave. This is a bad idea. There’s still time to stop the madness.

“Well, fingers crossed for you.” Michelle crosses the fingers of both her hands and holds them up for me to see.

Her bright blue eyes shimmer in the light. She’s easily the prettiest girl in the entire club.

Which is funny considering who her Dom is. Tank is not a man I would call handsome.

He’s tough and scary with a busted-up face from one fight too many. A retired boxer, Tank’s face bears the scars of his life’s passion. And he’s huge.

He and Master Edge are two of the biggest men in the club. Daniel appears slight of build when he stands beside them. Which is funny considering Daniel is one of the most athletic doctors at the hospital.

“What about you?” I deflect attention away from myself. The longer I’m here the more I’m thinking this is a really bad decision. My gut is telling me to run. “Are you ready for tonight?”

As I said, our auction is different from the others. A score or more women will offer themselves up for the night. They’ll negotiate their scenes and play in the club with whichever Dom wins the highest bid.

Our auction is a bit different. We’re not auctioning off our bodies. Our men already have that.

We’re delving a bit deeper. Our men will win the rights to everything. The time determined only by their bid.

At least, if their bid matches ours.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds.

We’re offering ourselves for one night, one week, one month, or one year to our Doms. We’re not offering our submission. Like I said, they already have that. We’re offering control.

Or at least, our willingness to surrender control into their hands. It’s like slavery, but with a built-in time limit; a test drive, if you will.

It’s not really real if it comes with an expiration date. That makes it safe for those of us interested in testing the waters of a M/s dynamic without actually committing to a collar and bonding ceremony.

Michelle is a submissive with a passing interest in more, but it’s not really her thing. She’s too feisty and independent to hand over full control to Tank.

This is something he’s asked her to consider. She’s gracious enough to give him a taste of what he desires, but she’s not brave enough to really dive in.

I’m ready to jump into the deep end. No life jacket. It’s sink or swim for me.

I’m hyperventilating thinking about it and I’m staring at the door. I’m scared as shit this is going to blow up in my face.

There’s still time to back out. You don’t have to do this.

Penny wanders in and Michelle and I jump up to give her a hug.

“How you holding up?” Penny’s question is for me.

About the same age as me, she’s graced with a gorgeous full figure and mysterious eyes which always seem as if she knows the mysteries of the world.

I rub at my arms. “Nervous as fuck.”

Penny gives a low sultry laugh. “I bet.”

“How about you?” I ask. “Are you nervous?”

Penny is offering herself to Eric and Thomas in a way she’s never done before.

“The butterflies in my stomach are complaining about the butterflies in theirs. I’m a mess, but an excited mess.” Her smile is uncertain.

“Do you think they’ll bid?”

“For at least a night.” She’s like me. She wants more. “I think sharing me separately is one thing. Dominating me together is something else. But we’ll see.”

I know what she really wants. She wants them to be a real threesome.

We’re all here for different reasons and to experience different things. Yet there’s a sisterhood which unites us.

A buzzer in the room sounds and Michelle grabs the phone. Her eyes widen and her mouth forms an ‘O’ of surprise.

When she hangs up, we’re all look at her.

“What’s up?”

“That was Master Edge. He’s sending someone to us. He's taking the empty spot in our auction.”

Master Andy's post?


Master Edge plays here and there but he's not technically attached to one submissive. I know he craves a woman he can master. I've heard his conversations with Daniel, but as far as I know, no one has lit a spark within him.

To appropriate Master Andy's post for tonight's auction speaks volumes. Did he find someone?



This is amazing news.

Michelle waves to my clothes. “Better hurry up and get dressed. Katy is going to be pissed if we’re not ready.”

Penny helps me unzip and I shed the evening gown. It was an uncomfortable skin and I’m eager to exchange for what’s on that chair.

I put on the tight crop top, short plaid skirt, and pull up the thigh-high white stockings. I’m not wearing panties. There’s no reason when Daniel will just rip them off anyway.

I’m taking another step forward.

There’s still time to turn away. I can back out at any moment.

But I don’t.

I bend down and fasten the buckles of my Patent leather shoes. I’m ready for the next step.

Chapter 8

Penny and I chat while Michelle takes care of Master Edge’s request.

“You look really cute.” Penny takes a moment to admire my outfit while I pick at the seams of the tiny skirt.

My nerves are showing and it’s not like me.


Michelle is wearing her harem outfit for Master Tank. Penny is putting on a lace g-string and my eyes go to her nipples and the studs which stick through them.

“Do those hurt?”

“Does what hurt?” She’s holding a red leather corset she’ll wear over her g-string.

“Your piercings.”

One is an emerald and the other is a sapphire.

She glances down at her tits and gives the sapphire a little flick with her finger.

“I guess they did at first. I don’t know, I don’t really think about them much, except I never orgasmed from nipple play before Thomas put this one in.” She’s looking lovingly at the sapphire.

“Did he give them both to you?”

Her attention shifts to her other breast and she holds the emerald stud between her forefinger and thumb. There’s a look of contentment sweeping across her face. It’s followed by an almost painful longing.

“No, this one is from Eric.”

“They each gave you one?”


I don’t know how things work in their relationship. It seems complicated. But then my relationship is complicated too.

“What’s up with you?” Penny puts a flimsy lace bra on and struggles to latch it behind her back while I stare at the studs piercing her nipples.

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know. You seem a bit off tonight.”

“Just nervous.”

“Because you don’t think Master Daniel will bid?”

He’ll bid. He’ll do it to save face and he’s a sucker for donating to a good cause. It’s what comes after that worries me.

There will be a lecture, and I’m afraid it won’t be the kind that makes the butterflies in my belly soar. I’m really scared it will be the kind that ends everything.

That won’t be so bad, except we still have to work together.

This is why we can’t be what I want us to be.

Hanging over our heads is the constant reminder of what will happen if our relationship fails.

If we’re lucky, it’ll be amicable and won’t affect our professional relationship. I need that. I need it because his recommendation steers the course of my career.

I’m deep in thought when Michelle returns with a mouse of a girl. The girl looks shell-shocked as Michelle introduces her around. She actually looks more like a drowned rat. The poor thing is soaked to the bone.

My mouth gapes when Michelle tells us this girl is going to auction with the rest of us. Master Edge seems to have claimed Ivy. That’s her name, and she’s inquisitive as hell.

Michelle gets Ivy out of her wet clothes and into an outfit of leather and lace, while Penny helps her put her wet hair up off her shoulders. I'm curious about who this is, and why Edge sent her to us.

They all settle down to discuss the bids they’ll set, while I ruminate about my future and whether to back out.

Ivy isn’t just fresh meat. She’s brand spanking new to the scene and I have no idea what the hell Master Edge is thinking having her go up for auction.

The sum she puts for one day of her time is ridiculously low. Michelle and Penny try to explain.

“I’m putting fifty-thousand.” I finally come out of my shell and join the conversation.

It’s a lie.

I’m supposed to put a reserve bid on one day, one week, one month, and one year of my time.

The way this works is Daniel bids what he thinks I’m worth. He won’t know the amounts I put. If he meets my amount, he gets me for that period of time.

I can put a dollar for a day or the fifty-thousand I boast. It’s totally up to me.

Daniel will pay ten times that. He helped Master Andy found the charity for the home that takes care of women who survived domestic abuse. He’s a major contributor, regardless of this auction.

There are four pieces of paper. One for each time period.

If he meets my reserve bid, he’ll receive the corresponding piece of paper which tells him how much time I will be his.

Penny and Michelle explain this to the new girl. Ivy’s eyes are wide, but I can tell she’s excited.

I understand it. Master Edge is an impressive human being. As a man, he’s gorgeous. As a Dom and Master, I can only imagine what that will be like for Ivy.

I assume it’s something along the lines of what I feel for Daniel, meaning Ivy is a really lucky girl.

Which brings me back to the reserve amounts I must place on these bids.

Ivy helps Penny with the ties to her corset. I watch Penny’s waist narrow as Ivy tugs tight. Penny is a curvy woman, and those curves truly shine when sculpted by an uncompromising corset.

Michelle helps Ivy settle the contraption of leather and lace around her delicate figure. No surprise there, considering what drives Master Edge wild.

Props to the girl.

She’s taking this all in stride. I see a glimmer of what Master Edge must have seen. The girl is a natural.

Michelle comes over and peeks over my shoulder.

“Are you done?”

My cards are blank.

How do I place a price on my freedom?

When I approached Katy with this crazy idea, I told her that if I could just show Daniel what we could be, he would jump with me into the deep end.

If I make the bid too high, there’s a chance I’ll be left on that stage.

It’s happened before.

Actually, it happens every year. There are always women willing to commit to the possibility, but price themselves too high to make it an actuality.

I think it’s a way for them to test the resolve of their Doms.

And it provides a kind of safety net.

I don’t need a safety net.

I’m ready to fly.

A quick glance at my cards and I jot down a figure. I scratch out the same spot on each card and add an identical note.

Daniel will see the notes. From there, my fate is in his hands.

Katy returns and she’s changed her clothes. We’re all dressed in practically nothing, but she’s in black dress pants, a white pressed shirt, and a black blazer. She’s not going on the block and I think the black is a nod to Master Andy’s memory.

“Come on.” She gives another clap of her hands and we’re on our feet.

Ushered out into the hallway, she leads us down the back passages until we pass by another door. She calls for a stop and ducks her head inside.

“Let’s go girls.”

Three other women exit and join us. Like the rest of us, they ditched their evening gowns and are decked out in club attire. We make seven now, with the addition of Ivy. Seven women going to auction.

But we’re not the only ones.

Katy makes another stop. This time to a much larger room. We join a score of women.

We’re all perfectly in line and follow Katy in hushed silence as we approach the stage entrance of the club’s auditorium.

If I’m going to back out, this is my last opportunity.

Katy pushes on the door and my heartbeat kicks up a notch.

Daniel told me to return to him before the auction, but I’m here instead. He’s probably looking for me, concerned by my absence.

The line of women files inside and I move with it. Penny is in front of me, the new girl, Ivy, stands behind me.

A deep resonating buzzing sensation rolls over us. The unmistakable voices of men gathered for a visual feast is a force of its own. They’re hungry. They’re restless. And they’re ready for the evening’s festivities to commence.

I step to the front of the stage and peer into the darkness of the crowd.

He sees me. If he’s in the crowd, there’s no way he can’t see me.

Which means…

Daniel now knows what I plan.

This leaves him with several options. He’ll jump up on this stage and drag me off of it. He’ll say nothing and disappear into the darkness leaving me standing alone. He’ll stay in the crowd, anger flowing over him, until his path becomes clear.

What the hell am I thinking?

There are seven posts fixed to the floor with heavy rings mounted at the tops of each of them. Chains drop down from the rings and there is a set of black leather handcuffs dangling from the end of the chains.

There’s a singular raised platform far forward and a spotlight shines down on it. That’s where the others will be auctioned.

Men come forward carrying lengths of rough-hewn rope. They start at the far right and bind each girl’s hands together—the ties that bind.

The seven of us are ushered to the side of the stage, right behind the dais with the seven poles.

The lights along the floor of the stage brighten. I blink against the glare and I think my stomach is doing summersaults.

I feel Daniel’s eyes on me, even if I can’t see him.

He’s out there.

I’m on display. The entire membership sees me. It’s intoxicating, but means nothing if the man I wish to serve turns his back on me.

I’m swaying on my feet, getting light-headed, and I feel a little sick to my stomach.

Someone approaches from behind. Sandalwood and musk, I recognize Master Edge’s signature scent. Daniel smells different, woodsy and feral, but then I know Daniel’s mind.

“You’re trembling.” Master Edge speaks to Ivy. She stands beside me, shaking like a leaf.

My knees are practically knocking, and if I don’t get my breathing under control, I’m going to hyperventilate and pass out.

A shiver washes over me.

Sweat trickles down my back.

Daniel should be behind me, like Master Edge who stands behind Ivy. This is how it works. But Daniel doesn’t know I planned to be here. He’s not prepared to lock me in.

I’ve never disobeyed him on this scale.

I listen to Ivy and Master Edge as he reassures Ivy and binds her hands over her head. She’s locked in place until the bidding is done.

To my right, Master Thomas and Master Eric approach Penny. They each take one of her hands. Together, they lift her arms overhead and secure her to her post.

This is repeated down the line. Master Tank ties Michelle in place and the other women are similarly bound.

I didn’t think this through.

I’m left standing in front of the entire membership looking like a fool.

Then the floor behind me creaks. A presence looms and there’s most definitely someone standing behind me. The deep pulls of his breath fill my ears. His anger is palpable and I squeeze my eyes shut.

Regret fills me and I bite down on my lower lip.

“Did you think I wouldn’t know?” Daniel’s deep voice vibrates in the space between us.

It resonates deep in my core. I ache for this, but fear it too.


“Don’t.” His reprimand cuts off whatever it was I was going to say. “Don’t you dare say a word.”

He’s livid and barely holding his shit together.

I clasp my hands in front of me, twisting my fingers with regret. I’m seconds from bolting off the stage. I’m such a fool. Such an idiot.

That’s it.

I bolt.

Spinning around, I’m ready to run off stage, but one look into his eyes and I stop cold.

That’s not anger.

It’s something I’m not prepared to meet. He’s mad. There’s no denying that. But the fury sparking in his eyes is something I’ve never seen before.

I know my actions cross a line, but I’m not ready to face the full brunt of his fury. I can’t absorb the disappointment shadowed in his eyes. My shoulders curve inward and I hunch over. It feels like I’ve been kicked in the gut.

His presence is everywhere. I feel him all around me and it’s steeped in disappointment.

“I’m sorry.” I apologize, knowing it’s already too late.

“Stop.” His command snaps like a whip and I jerk in response. “We’ll proceed with this little farce. The entire membership is watching. Step back in place and put your goddamn hands over your head.”

His words crack like a whip and I jerk with the full force of his anger.

I obey. There’s no choice but to do as I’m told. I return to my spot and raise my hands over my head.

He grabs at my wrists, fastening the cuffs with clinical efficiency and nothing of the tenderness Master Edge showed Ivy.

There’s a snap and I’m locked in place.

Then nothing.

I don’t hear Daniel leave, but I feel the vacuum left behind by his absence. Into that, I fall apart.

I’m shaking like a leaf and tears prick in my eyes. The entire world disappears and I’m left with an aching emptiness.

Beside me, Master Edge has Ivy under his thumb. He directs her head, turning her face to the side where he places a kiss to her earlobe. A needy moan escapes her mouth as he sucks and trails a line of kisses along her jaw.

His lips find hers and they kiss. I feel their heat.

It’s impossible to miss, especially when I’m left standing in the cold emptiness without the support of my Dom by my side.

Daniel’s saving face in front of the membership, but there’s no doubt I committed an unforgivable sin.

Tears stream down my cheeks as the lights flicker and flash. The auction begins while I fall apart.

Chapter 9

With tears streaming down my face, Katy takes the stage. This is her show. She stands in front of the membership and explains the first part of the auction. She gives the men time to get the apps on their phones locked and loaded for the feast of flesh soon to grace the stage.

Katy gestures behind her and one of the men assisting brings forward the first woman to be auctioned.

The first woman steps up to the block, sensual music plays as she strips out of her clothes, and lowers herself to her knees with stunning grace. Sitting back on her heels, she places her palms flat on her thighs, spreads her knees so the crowd can fully enjoy her assets, and with a slight arch of her back, she pushes her tits forward. She faces the audience with a sublime expression of bliss on her face.

Her expression is proud, defiant, and sexy as fuck. There’s no fear there but rather a bold acceptance of whatever happens next.

She’s being auctioned off to the highest bidder for the night. The man with the winning bid will have her for the remainder of the evening and through dawn. She’s agreed to serve him however he pleases until then.

There will be lists and limits discussed, but this woman, and all the others, have committed to having sex with whoever purchases the pleasure of their company.

I wish I was that brave.

Instead, I’m crumbling on stage because I know I’ve been abandoned.

Katy is not the auction Master. That role belongs to one of the Old Guard. The Dom comes forward and begins the bidding.

It’s surreal. I’ve never experienced this event from the stage. Always I’ve been in the crowd. Watching from the darkness.

Flashes of light flicker from the audience. Each flash is a bid as the men stab at their cellphones. The price is not something we see. There’s not a single woman up here who will know what she is worth. Not unless the man who wins the bid divulges the price he paid.

Only the final tally will be made available to the membership at large.

The bidding is furious and scores of lights flash. As time goes on the numbers of flashes lessen until there are only a handful of bidders.

The woman doesn’t move a muscle through the whole ordeal. If anything, her back straightens as she pushes her tits out. Men are fighting for the privilege of her submission.

I’d feel pretty damn special too, if that were me.

After a moment, there are only two flickers of light left. They battle for a moment until only one remains.

When the auctioneer cries out ‘Sold!’ the woman bows and places her head to the floor.

Katy attaches a collar around the woman’s neck and leads her off the stage.

The auction continues until the waiting line of eager hopefuls diminishes. The last woman is on her knees.

A furious round of bidding follows until she too touches her forehead to the ground. Before I’m ready, Katy is leading the last woman from the open auction off the stage.

This leaves the rest of us to learn our fate.

My arms ache from being suspended over my head and I shift my weight foot-to-foot. The tears which spilled down my cheeks are dried up and a generalized numbness fills the void within me.

Daniel will bid, but it won’t mean anything.

I notice Ivy stamping her feet and echo her movements. My feet are numb from standing for so long. The circulation in my legs is failing me and I don’t know if I can stand on my own.

In fact, the only reason I’m upright is because my hands are manacled over my head.

I thought I’d be excited for this moment to begin. Instead, a profound lethargy fills me. I can’t wait for this whole thing to be over. I want to crawl into the deepest, darkest hole and never emerge.

I’m really too exhausted to care what happens next.

The entire stage is suddenly plunged into darkness. It catches me unaware, even though I know these theatrics are a part of the show. A faint light shines over our heads, illuminating the seven of us. The rest of the stage disappears in the gloom.

Katy moves to the edge of the platform and clears her throat. Her crisp, articulated words carry to the far ends of the auditorium.

She’s thanking the membership for their donations. There’s a generalized chuckle which rolls back at us from the men gathered.

This is a fun event for everyone, a way to give back to the community and indulge in decadent fantasies at the same time.

“It’s time for the last spectacle of the evening. One night. One week. One month. Or one year? These women have placed a price on their freedom, pledged their servitude, and promised their devotion to the men who would claim them as their own.”

The crowd comes alive with the rustling of feet and low murmurs of anticipation. But all I feel is despondency.

This has always been a possibility. I just refused to believe Daniel would abandon me. Katy is explaining what happens next. I follow along with barely any interest.

Basically, the lights will dim again, plunging us all into darkness. Then, one by one, lights will shine over those of us who have had their minimum bids met.

There will be light over my head. I set my bid at a ridiculous amount. It isn’t even a dollar.

I wanted Daniel to know this was what I wanted. No matter his bid, he will have me for a year. Surely that is enough to convince him this is what we need to be.

I know the values the other girls placed on their freedom. There is an insane amount of potential donations our charity will receive.

But for me, I will contribute one penny.

Yes, that’s right. For one night, one week, one month, or one year, my reserve bid is a measly penny.

Not that it matters now.

Katy is speaking. “In a moment, the lights will dim again. If their Doms have met the bids of their submissive a light will shine over her head. After that, she may be fully and rightfully claimed. Masters, as you claim your prize, I will hand each of you an envelope. Inside, you’ll discover whether you’ve met the bid for one night, one week, one month or one year. It’s up to you to decide what to do with that knowledge and whether to share it with your sub.”

I know what Daniel will do with me.

More tears spill down my cheeks.

I’m such a fool to think he wants what I need. The risk is too high. We have a good thing going. Why change it?

A million thoughts flutter through my head.

As Katy bows to the crowd, there’s a ripple of applause. The lights flicker overhead and shut off, plunging us into darkness once again.

I suck in a deep breath and prepare to face the membership with a false smile plastered to my face.

That’s what Daniel wants. He will save face in front of the crowd.

It feels like an eternity. We stand in darkness as my torment lengthens. I think I deserve this. All I want is for this to end. To be dragged off stage with a false smile on my face is a kindness I pray Daniel will allow.

What happens afterwards is something I pray happens in isolation. I can’t face my friends as my world falls apart.

One lights pops on. It shines down over my head. Did Daniel arrange this? Picking me first out of the seven of us?

I don’t know. Not that it matters. Tears stream freely down my face. Another moment passes and a light illuminates Penny.

She glances over to me and beams with pride.

I’m barely holding it together, but I smile back at her. A light flickers over Michelle, bathing her in its luminous glow.

Michelle blinks against the glare. Apprehension fills her face. She doesn’t know how much time Tank has secured. This is exploratory for them. It’s something he wants. She’s